We are a senior History Through Film class from Communications High School in Wall, NJ.

The purpose of this class is to explore modern history through movies and literature, and is taught by Mrs. O’Keefe. Currently we are completing a curriculum on the Rwandan Genocide. We watched Ghosts of Rwanda, presented by PBS Frontline, and Hotel Rwanda, directed by Terry George. We are also reading Shake Hands With The Devil by Lt. General Romeo Dallaire, and excerpts from Machete Season by Jean Hatzfeld.

Our final project will be contributing an art project to the “100 Days of Silence” exhibition at Brookdale Community College. The installation is to honor the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, and will be displayed for 100 days.

This blog will serve as a day-by-day, step-by-step documentation of our class completing the art project. Through this, we hope to explore our own emotions relating to the genocide, and present this blog in tandem with the final project. At the culmination of this project, we will take a class trip to the exhibit as well.

Thank you for following our journey!

For more information on the “1oo Days of Silence” exhibit, please visit http://www.chhange.org/voicefrontpage.html.

For more information on the Rwandan Genocide, please visit http://www.unitedhumanrights.org/genocide/genocide_in_rwanda.htm.


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