Day 4 // March 7, 2014

The good news today was that we have until Thursday to finish these pieces, where we previous thought we only had until Tuesday. Nevertheless, we got right to work, finishing up the first side on the flag piece and continuing to add details to the first side of the other piece.

photo (16) photo (17) photo (18)

photo (19) photo (20)

We also began to collect “artist statements” from everyone working on the pieces, which will be submitted in tangent with our final pieces once we finish the whole project.

Katie, who worked on the flag piece, said, “The flags represent countries that didn’t help [during the genocide].”

Jamie, who worked on the radio/body piece, said that they took a look at what influenced the genocide most, and concluded that the radio stations in Rwanda at the time did a lot to rile up the génocidaires (in French, refers to the people who committed the Rwandan genocide).

We plan to continue collecting statements from the class on Monday.

Thank you for reading!


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