Planning the Project

This project would not have been possible without the help of Mrs. O’Keefe, our History Through Film teacher, and Mrs. Ortner, an art teacher at our school, who generously allowed us to utilize her room and supplies. Prior to giving us this assignment, Mrs. O’Keefe and Mrs. Ortner attended a workshop at Brookdale Community College that explained the project to educators and allowed them to create their own piece. This is the piece Mrs. O’Keefe and Mrs. Ortner created:

While there, they were shown these pieces to garner inspiration:

20140114_140540 20140114_140630

Using these pictures as inspiration, our class broke up into three groups, and each group created their own rough sketch of a piece. Here are our rough drafts:

photo 1 photo 2 photo (2)

We decided to combine some of these ideas, so that in the end, we had a front and a back for two pieces.

The next step will be to create the pieces!


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